List of Theologetics Papers


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Alphabetical Index:

About Eternal Life by Marcie Lynn
The Beginning of Life by Clark Campbell
Biblical Love by Clark Campbell
Calvinism, Arminianism, and Option c by Clark Campbell
Calvin vs. Arminius by Derrick Stokes
The Charismatic Gifts Debate by Derrick Stokes
The Christian Contribution to Medicine by Rosie Beal-Preston
Comprehending God by Clark Campbell
Context and the Bible by Clark Campbell
God’s Attributes by Clark Campbell
God’s Eternality and Origin Belief by Clark Campbell
God’s Wrath in the Old Testament by Clark Campbell
Hell by Derrick Stokes
Hell – Torment or Destruction by Marcie Lynn
Information About Scripture by Clark Campbell
My Personal Testimony by Clark Campbell
My Personal Testimony by Derrick Stokes
Option c: The Time-Salvation Paradox by Clark Campbell
The Role of Women in the Church by Derrick Stokes
The Trinity by Clark Campbell
Titus 2:11-14 (World Edition)  by Theologetics
Types and Shadows of Christ by Derrick Stokes
What Is Man by Clark Campbell
What Is The Word Of God by J.T. De Zort
What Wasn’t Good During Creation by Clark Campbell

Papers with their descriptions:

God’s Attributes
The God of the Bible is beyond complete human understanding, but this 11×17 poster is a compiled list supported by some Biblical references to support Christian beliefs about His character.

The Trinity
This 8.5×11 poster is about the idea of the Holy Trinity in scripture showing it is a fundamental Christian belief but can be hard to comprehend, and because of this, the idea is often attacked by skeptics. Here are some brief illustrations and information on the Trinity.

Information About Scripture
Two 11×17 posters about how the Old and New Testaments are really quite amazing, take a look for yourself.

The Charismatic Gifts Debate
In some circles “speaking in tongues” is the first evidence of salvation. Others believe tongues and other ecstatic “gifts” were only for the 1st century church.

What Is Man
Man is made in God’s image but what is man exactly? This diagram takes a brief look at the Biblical man.

Hell – Torment or Destruction
Is Hell everlasting torment or complete destruction?

What Wasn’t Good During Creation
There seems to be something God was not pleased with during the creation week, “nothing”!

The Christian Contribution to Medicine
Skeptics argue that Christianity is responsible for so many atrocities in history, never stopping to admit all the ways that Christianity has helped mankind and the millions of lives it’s saved over the centuries.

Calvinism, Arminianism, and Option c
One area of contention among Biblical scholars and different Christian denominations is the question of God’s sovereignty in relation to man’s free will, this is a short paper that looks at what both camps may have missed.

God’s Wrath in the Old Testament
Alone, God’s wrath is an attribute that is often misunderstood and the examples of it in the OT are often pointed to by non-believers as being reasons God is evil. This one page paper gives an example of why this is not the case.

The Beginning of Life
Abortion is one of the greatest evils that exists today. The logic behind it’s legalization is not sound and this paper outlines some reasons why.

Calvin vs. Arminius
Man’s free will versus God’s sovereignty debate.

My Salvation Testimony
This is Clark Campbell’s personal testimony of the day he was saved. Amazingly it provides strong evidence that Jesus is everything He claimed to be!

My Salvation Testimony
This is how Derrick Stokes came to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

Context and the Bible
An 11×17 poster on 3 ways people take the Bible out of context.

Types and Shadows of Christ
See why even from the first few chapters of Genesis, all of the Bible is about Jesus.

Option c: The Time-Salvation Paradox
A continuation of Calvinism, Arminianism, and Option c; this paper focuses on the possibility of the “how” as opposed to the “why”.

God’s Eternality and Origin Belief
Common scientific belief today holds to a naturalistic view of the origin of the universe but this one page paper takes a close look at the logic of holding such a view.

One of the most controversial aspects of the Christian Faith. How can a loving God send people to an eternal torment?

Biblical Love
This 8.5×11 poster gives some basic information on Biblical love.

The Role of Women in the Church
Is it biblical for a woman to preach? Can a woman hold a position of leadership in the church?

Comprehending God
Some things about God cannot be completely understood because we are human and God is God but there are analogies we can use to try and help us better comprehend Him.

About Eternal Life
Let’s see what we can discover about this thing we call Eternal Life.

What Is The Word Of God
Debunking the claim that states ‘Calling the Bible the infallible Word of God is a form of blasphemy.’ This paper is in response to this claim that the Word of God is Jesus and not the Bible.

Titus 2:11-14 (World Edition)
Titus 2:11-14 in various languages.